The Tale of Two Hazards...
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That boy ain't right...

Recently -- for some reason -- I have found myself listening to the song Hazard by Richard Marx, and my interest in the murderous storyline has been re-piqued. This place has the whole shebang. Background information, conspiracy theories and even a kangaroo court!
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Look, I know it's 2004 and we're an enlightened and tolerant society, but there's still some things you don't do in public--- admitting you listen to Richard Marx is one of them.
posted by keswick at 9:30 AM on April 28, 2004

I remember this song from high school. I rather liked it at the time, but then I heard some comments from Marx explaining why he didn't make a third video to reveal who killed Mary. He said that people stopped using their imaginations after TV became a fixture in our society and so he wasn't making a third video so people would have to use their imaginations "for a change".

What WOULD we robots have done if Marx weren't around to goose us.
posted by orange swan at 10:43 AM on April 28, 2004

I remember being a li'l child and trying to figure that song out everytime it came on the radio (I was still young enough to have my Mom drive me around, you see).

I think the organization of that site is a bigger mystery than whatever did or did not happen in Hazard that night. Seriously, would a small introduction on the front page really hurt anyone?
posted by patgas at 10:50 AM on April 28, 2004

Great post. I don't have any recollection of the video(s) at all, but I do remember the song (pretty sure I had it on tape) and the fact that someone(s) made a site about it just works for me. Although I agree, it's not the nicest site I've ever seen, either for navigation or presentation.
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What's wrong with Nebraska that all these strange murders and murderers seem to grow like corn around here? I'd completely forgotten about Marx's song, but was instead thinking of Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska.
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Although this has no relevance whatsoever, I'd just like to brag that I sued Richard Marx once. If that isn't satisfying, I don't know what is. I wish I could say I sued him for making so much bad music, but no.
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"Hazard" seemed to me like a nightmarish cross between "Ode to Billy Joe" and "Harper County PTA".

Apparently, this whole Internet thing came to rural Nebraska pretty recently--that Web page brought me right back to 1996. Yeesh.
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Apparently, Outlawyr's name isn't just window dressing. By the laws of MetaFilter, you must explain yourself.
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If it wasn't for bad music, then good music might be seen as bad.

God bless Richard Marx.
posted by catchmurray at 3:09 AM on April 29, 2004

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