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The Online Dictionary of Playground Slang. Includes not just slang words, but also all those obnoxious rhymes we sang. "My little Pony, skinny and bony..."
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Also worth noting is the ongoing collection of Global Schoolyard Rhymes in different languages over at The Sneeze.
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Wow. A lot of these seem much more harsh and vulgar than those that I recall from the *cough* '80s *cough*. I love it! Can't wait to add some new words (and rhymes) to my vocabulary!
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This is great! I can use these at work, and turn them into the newest corporate-speak. Gimme a month and half this site will be bandied about in the meeting rooms of North America!

Oh wait...

What shoepal said.
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This is great!

I see there are many new verses to the Miss Suzy songs my friends and I did back in the day.

On the other hand, where is See See Oh Playmate?
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