Sex and propaganda
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Some say yes, some say and no, some say yes to those who say no.
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From the first link: **BIG BIG WARNING*** the second part of our motto is BE DISCRETE! That means not letting on that you are on an OTOFTC mission. To the group in Galveston Texas (Yes, I got word the NEXT day), you CANNOT, and I mean CANNOT go to a bar and get loaded and start chanting 'TAKE ONE FOR THE COUNTRY' like a zillion times. That's bad. I love you Texan gals and love your spirit but that's not what we are trying to accomplish and it's not safe.

So...fuck strangers, but don't be all obvious that you're giving it away for nothing. Gotcha.
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Our philosophy is if you are out there partying and engage in casual sex you might as well 'Take One for the Country'".

I think we may all be "Taking One for the Country", if you know what I mean. C'mon. This is a joke, right? Right?
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This is a joke, right?

Yeah. The setting of the "John Truman" article is this year ("So you want to know how Take One for the Country started?... It was back in February of 2003"), and it contains a quote from Annette Spargas of the UC Berkeley chapter of NOW. There are no Spargases in the Berkeley campus directory.
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This is a joke, right?


Dammit! I just bought $300 of crap from the army/navy store, too.

They do have a point about fellatio friday being an 'awesome, awesome, idea'
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Uh, maybe not. "Single Southern Guy calls out the Operation Take One For The Country crew, claiming the whole thing is a hoax. Why? The radio station, DJs, and broadcast company involved in the interview transcribed on the OTOFTC site don't exist."
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Wasn't there a similar meme during WW2 -- the Victory Girls? (grep for 'Victory Girls")

(see this for further discussion.)
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Clearly a meme started by horny guys who are about to ship out.
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Finally! Thank you sleslie! Good find. I googled and found a number of little things (like this poster this poster) but nothing much more substantial.

And alms, you are clearly of a more more charitable opinion than I. If they were really "about to ship out" it would already be too late. All they need is a website, some second-hand uniforms and a likely story.
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