karaoke John Kerry
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This scares me.
posted by dejah420 at 12:17 PM on May 2, 2004

If he's going to do for karaoke what Reagan did for jelly beans, I have one more reason NOT to vote for him.
(Bush leads with 209 reasons not to vote for him to Kerry's 133, but still...)
posted by wendell at 12:27 PM on May 2, 2004

Some of the new lyrics to the songs are awful, but "President George W" (sung to the tune of "Werewolves of London") goes past awfulness to be charming, in an awful way.
posted by Prospero at 5:32 PM on May 2, 2004

Bush leads with 209 reasons not to vote for him to Kerry's 133, but still...)

see here.
posted by reklaw at 5:37 PM on May 2, 2004

reklaw: Wow, that site rules. It reflects my opinion quite well, even the way I'd to present it - the way it says he's very bad for impact but renigs immediately. I'm still thinking of writing an essay for my (not yet up) site entitled "I do not very much like you, John Kerry" - an idea which I got when Dean fell behind. Despite the title, the main premise would be to vote for him.

Somehow Kerry seems like a candidate that we can overtly disagree with in many ways and still support (unlike absolutist Bush, of course), and I respect him for that. There's less agenda and more neutral benevolence than I tend to see in most politicians. It's the same appeal I think John McCain probably has.
posted by abcde at 10:55 PM on May 2, 2004


*hoots, slaps thigh*
posted by quonsar at 11:41 PM on May 2, 2004

Pardon me. I knew that, but I'm a phonetic typist, so most of my typos look like spelling errors :P "I'll czech those numbers"
posted by abcde at 12:05 AM on May 3, 2004

Who are the Dobbie Brothers?

And I've never heard the song "Woman From Ipanema." Is it a sequel to the younger original that I've never heard of? (Because there's already one of those, though I'm sure that's not on the kerryoke kit they give you.)
posted by chicobangs at 8:02 AM on May 3, 2004

chicobangs: Maybe they're being extremely politically correct ;)
posted by abcde at 11:15 AM on May 3, 2004

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