Tab A, meet Slot B
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Origami Underground :: expert origami with adult, erotic and some scatological themes. Diagrams included. NSFW
posted by anastasiav (10 comments total)

The power of origami should be used for good, and never for evil.
posted by SPrintF at 5:33 PM on May 3, 2004

This is so good...
posted by RubiX^3 at 5:53 PM on May 3, 2004

BEND over baaaaaaabyyyy....
posted by elpapacito at 6:24 PM on May 3, 2004

This is awesome, about time someone found a use for origami other than those swans. Yeah, they're nice but I needed to know how to make my own paper vagina!

Classic and quality post!
posted by fenriq at 6:43 PM on May 3, 2004

Thanks to fenriq and the rest of you perverts, it is taking forever for the page that explains how to make a vagina out of a dollar bill to download.
posted by monkeyman at 6:55 PM on May 3, 2004

monkey: 'course you're trying with a dollar try with 50
posted by elpapacito at 7:17 PM on May 3, 2004

fold and masturbate?
posted by trondant at 7:31 PM on May 3, 2004

monkeyman, thanks, I take GREAT pride in being the Pervert King!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a date with a ten dollar bill.
posted by fenriq at 8:32 PM on May 3, 2004

That's really more of a vulva than a vagina.
posted by kenko at 8:38 PM on May 3, 2004

Flashback of the origami guy in Blade Runner doing a stiffy Deckard figure.
posted by kush at 12:39 AM on May 4, 2004

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