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Cirque de Sore Legs may have won the people's choice award, but the competition [including a giant poodle, a bird's nest, and Kafka mid-metamorphosis] wasn't half bad. Baltimore's annual Kinetic Sculpture Race, an unholy amalgam of engineering and art, occurred last week. Created by Hobart Brown in 1969, kinetic sculpture races require participants to build human-powered vehicles that can traverse a racecourse over land and sea, not to mention mud and sand. And they have to do it in style. Don't live near the Chesapeake? Then visit similar races in Arcata, Boulder, Ventura, Corvallis, and even Perth, Australia. Too tame for you? Perhaps you'd like to try a flugtag or the Providence or Bognor birdman competitions.
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Great post. Thanks!
posted by homunculus at 11:02 AM on May 6, 2004

Excellent post, ubersturm. Almost makes me feel like I was there!
posted by soyjoy at 12:01 PM on May 6, 2004

That's pretty cool.

Also, the words 'Mandatory sock puppet' make me giggle.
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There's a big difference between Providence and Provincetown though. But a fun post, nonetheless.
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The rules are few (and bizarre). If you can't join the race, the best option is to be a judge; steak dinners and free booze are usually offered in the hopes that you'll be too sated and drunk to notice the violations.

Plus, you might get lucky with the Rutabaga Queen
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Man! I've missed these events in multiple states and countries over the past couple years. It's so damned frustrating, cause I hear they are quite a sight to see. Great post, ubersturm!
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er, you're entirely right, ruki.
"that's what i get for posting before properly awake"

anyone actually been to one of these? [some of the artier contraptions reminded me of stuff seen at burning man, sans desert, drugs, and nekkid folk].
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"La Kafkaracha" has got to be my favouritest name for anything, ever.
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anyone actually been to one of these?

Yeah, I was at the one that's the main link (also, every other one in Baltimore except 2000). You folks should've seen La Kafkaracha from behind.

Needless to say, I think it's worth the trip from a couple states away to see this stuff. Make your 2005 plans now.

For the Glory!
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