Another innovation from Digital Convergence:
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Another innovation from Digital Convergence:
In addition to having a pretty much useless product, CueCat's product-release-to-privacy-violation rate is spectacular! To quote their email:

Dear :CueCat member,
We've been alerted to a security breach in our system that may have exposed certain members' names and email addresses. As one of the members who may be susceptible, we want to explain to you how you may be affected and what we are doing to rectify the situation. (more...)
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The rest of their email reads:
Digital:Convergence has secured the site and is conducting a thorough security examination to ensure the safety of its information.

As a result of this breach, unauthorized third parties may have been able to gather your name and email address. You may receive unsolicited emails (a.k.a. spam) from unrecognized sources. If you do not recognize the source, please delete the email immediately. You can also go to, which provides information on spam and spam-blocking software programs that will prevent unwanted emails from reaching your desktop.

In light of these developments, we would like to give you a $10 gift certificate to RadioShack. If you are interested in receiving this certificate, please fill out a short form on andwe will mail it to you.

Digital:Convergence values our members and reiterates our commitment not to share your personal identifying information with third parties. We regret any inconvenience you may experience. We have fixed
the problem and are taking extra precautionary steps to ensure it won't happen again.

While I guess we should be glad that they're at least disclosing the leak, it's hysterical to me that their proposed remedy involved entering your personal info into their website again!

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