The last message of Carlos Caceras, Killed in West Timor
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The last message of Carlos Caceras, Killed in West Timor "Three [United Nations High Commission for Refugees] colleagues - Samson Aregahegn, Carlos Caceras and Pero Simundza - have been savagely lynched in West Timor (Indonesia) and their bodies burned by an armed mob." [continued...]
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Newspapers have reported the incident, which coincided with the opening of the Millennium Summit. Repeated appeals from the United Nations and others for the Indonesian Government to intervene had fallen on deaf ears. Despite the dramatic situation, our colleagues have continued to provide humanitarian assistance to the 125,000 refugees who had remained in West Timor. They have paid their dedication to the cause of humanity with their lives. We cannot pay a better tribute to the memory of our colleagues than through the publication of the last email written by Carlos."

From: Carlos Caseres
Date: 6 sept. 2000, 6:05 a.m.
Subject: Are you still there? - Reply

"My next post needs to be in a tropical island without jungle fever and mad warriors. At this very moment, we are barricaded in the office. A militia leader was murdered last night - he was decapitated and had his heart and penis cut out. Segments of Timorese society must be some of the most violent and gory people anywhere on Earth: Atambua suddenly shut down when news spread that trucks and buses full of militias were coming from Betun (my former home) to Atambua. The town suddenly deserted and all the shops were boarded up in a matter of minutes. Traffic disappeared and the streets are strangely and ominously quiet. I'm glad that a couple of weeks ago we bought rolls and rolls of barbed wire.

"I was in the office when the news came out that a wave of violence would soon pound Atambua. We sent most of the staff home, rushing to safety. I just heard someone on the radio saying that they are praying for us in the office. The militias are on the way, and I am sure they will do their best to demolish this office. The man killed was the head of one of the most notorious and criminal militia groups of East Timor. These guys act without thinking and can kill a human as easily (and painlessly) as I kill mosquitos in my room.

"You should see this office. Plywood on the windows, staff peering out through openings in the curtains hastily installed a few minutes ago. We are waiting for this enemy, we sit here like bait, unarmed, waiting for wave to hit. I am glad to be leaving this island for three weeks. I just hope I will be able to leave tomorrow.

"As I wait for the militias to do their business, I will draft the agenda for tomorrow's meeting on Kupang. The purpose of the meeting: to discuss how we are to proceed with this operation.


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Here's are three stories from CNN about the incident: #1 #2 #3. I hear from nutjobs all the time e-mailing the Drudge Retort with their UN conspiracy theories. It's pretty sad that an organization staffed by well-intentioned, courageous people like Caceres is considered a dangerous threat by many in the U.S. because it works towards world peace.
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"a dangerous threat by many in the U.S." -- let's not forget, the anti-UN crew is basically composed of the same people that ranted about fluoridation, complained that Sputnik was controlling their mind, and believed in the face on Mars.

In other words, they're all pathetic losers who feel that their life is beyond their control. Unable to face their essential worthlessness, they invent external threats that they can project their fears upon. Remember, they can't possibly be responsible for their pointless lives, obviously some sinister force is out to get them!

Conspiracy! Conspiracy! To the ramparts!
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