Brutally honest personals
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Brutally Honest Personals. Hers: "Even though I run marathons, I still can't lose those few pounds. But I can probably kick someone to death with my legs of steel." His: "When I do have a job, it's low paying, and credit consolidators take half of what I earn. I'm behind on my rent, emotionally closed, and take medication to treat my depression." Esquire comes up with personal ads for people who are tired of being excessively positive -- will the trend ever catch on for resumes and college class notes? (Possibly NSFW due to some sexual language.) via anil.
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There's no way this is real. What kind of idiot would want to date or even meet any of these people?

Marriage philosophy:
I hated it. I would marry again only for money.
"When I feel bad, it helps me to call you at work. Frequently. Rushing me off the phone will just make me cry and pester you with e-mails."
or, worse,
"I'm lanky, ridiculously in debt, and almost always stoned. I don't have much ambition and live at home. Nonetheless, I'm optimistic and have a vexing confidence."

Nice! There's a winner!
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These are awesome. Reading regular personals, you would never know that nearly everybody is depressed, in debt, and gassy.
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Two years and one month ago, I placed this ad in the Washington CityPaper:
Every time you answer someone else's personal ad, God kills a kitten. Tall urban hipster urges you to please, think of the kittens.
One month ago, I married one of the respondents.
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DBi? WCM 5'11" 150 Lbs GL no STD ISO B/D S/M TV DBiB/H/AJM/F HWP GL for XXX and LTR no smk/drgs/STD - PBR?
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the babes want this and that but seem not to know that some good oral sex is the hook(er) that gets the guy
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So how do I sign up? I can't find a link to do that...
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There's no way this is real. What kind of idiot would want to date or even meet any of these people?

I can honestly say this girl comes across as quite appealing to me. Seriously.
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LoopSouth, I hunted on the main Esquire site and found this. And congratulations (again), MrMoonPie!
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John -

Me too, she sounds like one of my best friends -- just way cuter.
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Insensitive man seeks uncaring woman for meaningless relationship. Photo not necessary.
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Yes, the anime and video game girl had me wondering if it was real, since I've never met a cute girl who played video games who didn't have guys lined up around the street. This woman also strikes me, as she herself says, as quite cute. Also nerdy (often a plus, at least with most I know). If it is real, I'd lay money on several men who know her actually being interested, but either already ruled out, or just too shy to talk.
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My personals ad starts with the headline "Want a Crappy Boyfriend? I got it covered..."

Surprisingly, I get quite a number of responses.

I think people are naturally suspicious of flawless personal ads...
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OMFG!!! OMFG!!! I know that girl. I've met her, anyway. I know people who know her. Her name, as posted on the site, is correct -- google her, and you'll find her blog, even (though maybe not the first hit). Small fuckin' world....
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I think they are quite real. For another view on this thing, read more here.
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There's been a lot written about the difference between the depressingly earnest (or, to some, 'relentlessly upbeat') personals published by the New York Review of Books, and the self-deprecating ones at the London Review of Books (sadly, not online right now, but here are representative samples).
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i am actually one of the featured personals (i'm dana), and i can say that while everything i wrote is technically true, i just wrote things i thought were self-depricating and funny. putting my worst foot forward to show that i can have a laugh at myself. but also, like they say, there's no such thing as bad publicity. i've gotten nearly 50 letters and the print issue doesn't hit newsstands wide-release until may 18. it's been pretty freaking interesting, i'll tell you that.
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MrMoonPie, that may be the coolest thing i have ever read on mefi!
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Gotta love being reg'd for 3 years and having your second comment be to a link about you.
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Ptrin, if you check out maybeiam's first comment it was also to a post about her -- this time re a site she created. All signal, no noise!
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