A Case of Curiosities
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Boxing squirrels, the Kitten Princess of Winter, and the Birmingham Roller Diva with mouse skeleton are some of the odder exhibits in the Case of Curiosities. Taxidermy and assemblage inspired by fairy tales.
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Those boxing squirrels are just too cute for words!
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[too good for words]
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hahahaha -- what a coincidence
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this is amazing. thanks.
posted by clockwork at 11:39 PM on May 15, 2004

Don't miss the page on this site devoted to Mr Potter's Museum of Curiosities, discussed on Metafilter before but worth a second outing.

I visited Potter's Museum many years ago, when it was in Arundel, Sussex. I was eight years old and thought it was wonderful. I couldn't understand why my parents hurried me past some of the exhibits (the two-headed lamb, the eight-legged kitten, etc) without letting me stop and have a proper look.

Sadly the museum closed in 2002, and was broken up and sold at auction last September. The contents fetched over half a million pounds, with the photographer David Bailey and the artist Peter Blake among the buyers.

Also worth visiting: the Victorian Taxidermy Company, with a wonderful collection of stuffed animals for sale at outrageous prices.
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