History of Kissing
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History of Kissing. Swapping spit consumes about 336 hours of the average person's life.
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...if you're lucky.
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no... if you're the average person
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Being the average person is lucky. I'm abnormal. It sucks.
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That only means about six cumulative years of kissing only one hour per week. Isn't that low? I think that just in my teens and my twenties, I took care of that easily, and I hardly had the girls standing in line. Maybe this statistic reflects a global balance between people of more kissishly liberal and kissishly conservative cultures.
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Now that I'm about to get divorced, my suspicion that I have an awful lot of catching up to do is confirmed.
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"Kissishly": I like that word.
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Kissing is weird. It's considered practically the basic unit of sexual/romantic activity, and seems on the surface to be natural and instinctual, but it's a learned practice, and all of the explanations for it are creepy :P There are still whole regions that don't do it, in Africa especially.
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Some of this text seems too familiar and the rest seems largely unsubstantiated.

Right Way to Kiss

previously mentioned here
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I was actually thinking of making a poll to see which kissing direction is preferred in what ratio, but I figured it had already been researched by someone or another.

To me, even just resting my head to the right feels subtly
more comfortable (I'd say it's because I'm right-handed, but really in large part it's the muscles on the opposite side that would control tilting your head) - a fact that I never really realized was something fundamental. I never knew uteruses and infants tilted their head right preferentially, you'd think that'd be more common knowledge.
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Have you ever imagined how you would look if the person you were kissing wasn't there? Me neither.
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336? In highschool!
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Swapping spit consumes about 336 hours of the average person's life.

Shit, I need to catch up.

Does anyone want to trade? I can ship FedEx, by the gallon.
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Metafilter: Kissishly Liberal
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