Dome Photography
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Domes and Cupolas From the New Yorker: "David Stephenson's photographs gaze directly up at the interiors of domes, flattening them and - through long exposure times - revealing details and colors that can't be discerned in normal viewing. The results are bright, kaleidoscopic patterns made up of the Moorish arabesques of the Alhambra, the iconic decorations of a former imperial chapel near Moscow, and the cool, almost Mediterranean blues of a Hungarian synagogue." Stephenson's work is currently on exhibition in New York. Other pages of his work can be found here and here.
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This is cool. I'm not a good photographer, but my first instinct in almost any old, ornate, public building is to take a picture of the ceiling. I have many photos that are not as beautiful as these, but of a similar subject matter.
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Good stuff! Thanks!
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And vertigo-inducing.
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Beautiful stuff, thanks! And some of them bring back memories, such as the Pantheon. These are *perfectly* framed, too; must have taken a lot of work.
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here's a timely article about raising the 500,000 lb. dome at the new bloomies in san francsico.
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