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Decameron Web: A Growing Hypermedia Archive of Boccaccio's Masterpiece.
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My favorite tale concerns dear Alibech, a devil and hell.
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For those who do not speak Italian, here is the full translation of the tenth tale of the third day.
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Hot tip: Boccaccio was just one of several similar writers, perhaps the best, but if you really love his stuff, be sure to check out Masuccio. A similar organization to his book, a collection of bawdy tales, but with a little more meat to them. (Link to a book *about* Masuccio at Amazon. Gives a good description of his 'Novellina'.)
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This site helped me immeasurably during my last year at University. Excellent resource, and an eye-opener to the fact that filthy stories are ages old.
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Fantastic, and I've already swiped it for LH. Thanks, hama.
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The Decameron rules.
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