Bea Arthur Kicks Serious Raptor Butt
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Brandon Bird is originally from Sacramento. Bird's art serves to spread the light of truth and freedom across a nation of bitter and oppressed souls. We've seen his Law & Order coloring book, so see the rest!
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While we've seen glimpses of Bird's work on the blue before, it's high time the man gets a FFP of his own.
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One of my most treasured possessions is a poster of Bea Arthur wrestling the velociraptors.

Funnily enough, that phrase is also one of my most treasured referrers to my site.

(Also, because I'm a jerK: this is one of the reasons why we shouldn't use abbreviations like "FPP" when we mean to say "Front Page Post" -- one typo and suddenly it's a meaningless clump of letters.)
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D'oh. That's also a good reason for me not to post before I've had my morning caffeine. Mee-ya kulp-ah!
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I enjoyed his paintings, particularly "Two Warriors Came Out of the Sky" and "Elysium".

Great stuff! Nice start to my day.

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Yes. I only wish his t-shirts weren't Cafe Press, because I would love to buy one. (Mr. Bird, if you are reading this.. find a way.)
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