Lewis and Clark Diaries?
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Diaries of the Lewis and Clark Journey. American Journeys has a collection or primary source documents about the Lewis and Clark Journey across America, including the diary of Sergeant Charles Floyd (the only member of the expedition to die en route), Jefferson's letter to Clark where he suggests the expedition, and 63 engravings of Places and People. If you're into history, you might also want to vote on Wisconsin Turning Points, a ballot to determine the most interesting topics in Wisconsin History.
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There is a lot of human interest in the stories of these people. If I remember right Clark became the first head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the first to resign in disgust when it became obvious that the office was more about removing and containing Native Americans than working with them. Lewis has been frequently diagnosed as mentaly ill in histories based on his cronic alcoholism and eventual suicide.
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In 1996 a friend and I drove through Wisconsin in the middle of the night (on our way to the Olympic soccer venue in Washington, D.C.) stopping only once to pee at a rest stop.

Afterwards I remarked to my friend, "wow, that was a pretty nice rest stop." (for, between Seattle and there, we'd seen many and they mostly weren't nice).

Is that on the list? If not, it is woefully incomplete.
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Just as long as the coin with the cheese and cow don't win.
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