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Douglas Feith - "What has the Pentagon's third man done wrong? Everything."
How many people know who Feith is? As the #3 man in the Pentagon, and a key architect of the war in Iraq, with many interesting affiliations more should. ,
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If I screwed up in my job like Feith has done, I would be fired a hundred times over...and no one dies as a result of my screw-ups! WHY IS THIS MAN STILL #3 IN THE DEFENSE DEPARTMENT???

Bush and his ilk are so focused on war and only war that they haven't listened to any other people saying it might not be such a good idea.

The whole upper command of the Pentagon-starting with Rumsfeld has to GO. This Feith character is another goosestepping pro-war neocon like the rest of 'em.
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Feith No More.
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Here's something else kind of interesting: White House Checks with Fundamentalists on Israel Policy
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It was Feith who devised the legal solution for getting around the Geneva Conventions' prohibition on physically or psychologically coercing prisoners of war into talking.


Hilas also said he witnessed an Army translator having sex with a boy at the prison. He said the boy was between 15 and 18 years old. Someone hung sheets to block the view, but Hilas said he heard the boy's screams and climbed a door to get a better look. Hilas said he watched the assault and told investigators that it was documented by a female soldier taking pictures.

whoever came up with the "Guantanamo style" of prisoner treatment should be fired. immediately.
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Psst. There's also some mysterious, shadowy, virtually unknown figures involved in all this besides Feith. Um, I've heard that someone named "Richard Perle" is one of them. A dude named "Paul Wolfowitz" is, too. It's impossible to find almost any information about these guys on the net, they're virtual unknowns, completely ignored by the mainstream press.

Hopefully that will change.
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I like the really passive, 'having sex'. You know - like you do with your wife, except this time it was a teenage boy who was being raped.

Rape is a pretty well-known word in the English language, I don't understand why Scott Higham and Joe Stephens wouldn't use it when it's applicable.
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For the administration to hold any person (other than the lowest ranking recruits) responsible for anything that has happened in the last 4 years would be an admission that mistakes may have been made, things handled incorrectly and/or policies were/are wrong. They have NEVER admitted that anything they have done is anything other than exactly the right thing to do and they're not about to now. They are in a siege mentality and are going to stick together and ride it through to November, hell or high water.
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I had not known that Rice, Cheney, Powell were realy Jewish and helped carry out Israel's plans And silly me: I thought the war was about oil. Ah, well. As for the piece on the Jesus launchpad, via The Village Voice: the fundies want No Palestine state and an enlarged Israel; the Bush Roadmap specifically calls for a Two -State solution. Now develop that as yu ponder the entry into the WH of fundies, as well as lobbyists from drug and oil interests.
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"He believes these people, who include Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith, the undersecretary of defense, have hijacked U.S. foreign policy. "They promoted it and pushed [the war]...even to the point of creating their own intelligence to match their needs. Then they should bear the responsibility," Zinni tells Kroft"
from another left-wing nut - general anthony zinni via marshall

doesn't it say something about the Bush administration that Feith is still running things over in the Pentagon?
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It was Feith who devised the legal solution for getting around the Geneva Conventions' prohibition on physically or psychologically coercing prisoners of war into talking.

Well, hell. I wonder if he and his buddies in the Bush administration also "devised the legal solution" for coercing into not talking those American soldiers who have the guts to say "enough" to the excrement going down in Iraq:

Continuing the Cover-Up?
Military Takes Action Against Key Witness in Abu Ghraib Abuse Scandal

By Brian Ross and Alexandra Salomon

May 21, 2004 — A witness who told ABCNEWS he believed the military was covering up the extent of abuse at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison was today stripped of his security clearance and told he may face prosecution because his comments were "not in the national interest."

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Disinfopedia rules. It's amazing to trace how many of these neocons and fellow travellers slime their way from one pseudo-profitable ideological corporation (see Linsang Partners or Furchtgott-Roth Economic Enterprises) thinktank to another, all the time living off corporate welfare and government handouts.

US Undersecretary of Defense Douglas FeithReichskommissar für die Festigung des deutschen Volkstums Heinrich Himmler
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Meehawl - great photos!

Feith's ears are a little bigger than Himmler's, while Himmler's forehead is bigger than Feith's ...

Himmler's DNA must have become scrambled as it was being smuggled out of Berlin on ice.

Also - I find Himmler's image disturbingly captivating, while Feith's......
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