Got water?
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The ultimate renewable energy resource - kids. Unlike Monsters inc, who harness the energy of screams, the Playpump (also discussed here) harnesses kids having fun to provide clean water. If they have to cart water, the Q-drum (also discussed here) is a very simple way to make this chore easier. In this complicated world, the best ideas are still the simple ones. via A Whole Lotta Nothing
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I was just reading about a water filtration system someone took out to Burning Man, one stage of which is pumped by a see-saw. Now that's thinking!

Here is a totally work-safe photo of it.

There are other photos. Index page is here. But I will warn you that, its being Burning Man and all, there are some naked folks in some of them who are not super models. NSFW.
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oh! that's [via CTP]
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This is great stuff, a low-tech solution for the developing world along the lines of the evaporation-powered food cooler that was posted here some months back.
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You might want to add the prefix "i" to the nomenclature to encourage interest around these parts. e.g. The iPlaypump and the iQ-drum, possibly alluding to a compatiability problem with Windows and bluetooth.
That Q-drum looks suspiciously like a lawn roller I once used, also filled with water. Just saying.
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Some really cool ideas for helping people. Though I can see kids of the future being forced to "play" on the roundabout. Nah, still a good idea!

Was I the only one that had serious issues with that Rolex site?
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The roundabout is a pretty cool idea. I don't see any mention of a more traditional backup pump, but I guess if the kids don't want to play, the adults could instead.

I think it's interesting to compare things like this to say, the Segway. As inventions go, I'm pretty sure the water pump system will prove to be more useful.
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Actually, asok, I think I killed the server with this post, as it went down within minutes of the thread being posted, as have the last two threads I have posted. Just bad timing or a conspiracy? You decide.

jacquilynne, I agree completely. The Segway may end up being the transport of the future, but will it actually help anyone in a meaningful way?
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