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IRC nominates one of their own to be interim P.M. U.S. supports this even though only one-tenth of one percent of Iraqis believe they should be making this choice, according to CPA poll.
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Is this one of those 'late Friday' news releases, with the weekend + a bonus holiday to distract the masses?
Read what Josh has to say about the confusion surrounding this....
posted by dreeed at 9:52 PM on May 28, 2004

I heard about it on the radio at about three so maybe not.
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I think this post would benefit from having somewhat more specific links.
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what is the actual link for bbc?

talking points memo links are This still seems strange and Still the more confusion over Allawi.

Here are some links from TPM, Iraqi With Close U.S. Ties Chosen to Be Prime Minister [NYT], and CIA-Linked Former Exile Picked as Iraqi Premier [Reuters]

on preview: yea.
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If IRC nominates one of their own to be head op, it could be pretty disastrous for #iraq. For a start, the constant requests to kick ban the US probably wouldn't be met, although the head opper will be able to +m the channel and -v the Allies. When the head op ops leaders of each ethnic group, they might start kicking or CTCP flooding each other. If this goes on for too long, then the US will get opped again, and the non-ops on #iraq might call out to a world oper like Ch1na or Ru551A for assistance. Messy!
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"The final phase of re-Ba'athification: Iyad Allawi is the strongest candidate for the post of Iraqi Prime Minister (or Prime Monster).

For those who don't know, according to the memoir of Talib Shibib, Iyad Allawi began his political life around 1963, as an assassin. We all know that he worked closely with British intelligence until the collapse of Saddam. The search of politicians in today's Iraq seems to be nastier than going through trash cans"
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vaguely related - phil carter covers where the fish rots from in abu ghraib and iraq.
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the NYT has a scathing (for them, anyway) lead editorial about all of this. They even mention the CIA connections. (And i've read elsewhere that this new guy is actually a cousin of Ahmed Chalabi.)
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I thought this was going to be about Khaled Mardam-Bey.
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the WaPo has more: The Bush administration appeared to be caught off guard and somewhat confused yesterday after the Iraqi Governing Council nominated a physician with longtime CIA ties as the post-occupation prime minister. Officials in Washington scrambled to respond after the Iraqis took the public lead in a process that was supposed to be run by a U.N. envoy.
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Khaled Mardam-Bey (born March 19, 1968) is the creator of mIRC.

Mind you, I discovered that from googling, because I thought the reference was to Jamil Mardam Bey, a Syrian nationalist politician around WWII.
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I laughed, wackybrit.
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Is that #iraq on undernet, efnet, or dalnet?
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