Dumb name, clever site.
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Dumb name, clever site. Yodlee wants to provide an online service that consolidates all of the email, ecommerce, banking, and travel accounts that you probably have scattered across a half-dozen, disparate sites and then link them right into your Palm. And they support sites out the wazoo already. Now you have only one login and password to forget.
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Wowzers. That's a pretty slick demo site they have there. I think it's the first web-based "digital dashboard" (that's the buzzword Bill Gates uses to describe his idealized version of Outlook/Exchange, basically a single app that can do anything). Even though I wonder how efficient it will be at going out and grabbing all that data, it looks damned efficient. I'll probably sign up and use it just because they seem like the only game in town and it might actually help me keep track of all my different internet spending sprees.
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