So tabs are considered a bad idea when it comes to designing navigation.
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So tabs are considered a bad idea when it comes to designing navigation. What's better and where can it be found? Who has developed the best navigation system to be found on the Internet?
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of all the things to take away from this article.... actually, the authors say that tabs are good for, but bad (because too many and not descriptive enough) for amazon. Amazon did, in fact, cut down on their # of tabs through their "new nav" system.
no _one_ site the "best" navigation. the idea is to accomodate the navigation to the identity and purpose of the site.
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It really depends on the content IMHO. Amazon has more or less helped define a standard metaphor for ecommerce navigation using their tabs. (I doubt they were first, or best, but they're the largest). But tabs do not really work for a personal site or something that is strongly branded - but I'm only repeating the gist of the article here.
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I found most revealing this sentence:
"Even things that happen behind the scenes—such as how well a company manages inventory and its effect on order fulfillment—can contribute to the public perception of the company."
Bravo, Sherlock! Although only the most uncultured of baboons would be so tasteless as to complain over a few delayed/lost orders to a company that has a killer logo/ad/site/graphics system.

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