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San Francisco’s Terra Infirma and other Interesting Things of the Day. Putting the muse back in museum was another that struck me with its focus on unconventionally-themed museums, reminiscent of the roadside attractions in Gaiman's American Gods. Audio feeds of recent articles are available, and well read, but it seems that most of the clips are intended to become available by subscription-only. Regardless, many of the past year's articles make for fascinating reads. (via bsag)
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Musée Mécanique is a great off-the-beaten-path tourist attraction. My mother actually remembers some of the automata in there from when she was a kid visiting the now-defunct Playland at the Beach.
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After living in the Bay Area for three years, I still haven't visited Musée Mécanique, but I have intended to for a while, and I expect to fulfill that intention within the next couple months. I've heard only good things.

Possibly more interesting than the articles I referenced above is today's feature: Oil from Garbage. Honestly, I'd rather we sought cleaner fuel alternatives, but as mentioned in the article, it does propose an interesting option for waste reduction.
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Musée Mécanique is really really cool. It makes you feel like you are in another era or something.
Evidently it has moved to the Wharf area, which is kind of a shame. It used to be in the basement area of the Cliff house.
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since this seems to be a musée mécanique thread....

it has only moved to pier 45 until the construction on the cliff house is done. its webpage is here.
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How strange to see this here. I was at this site a week ago for the first time after googling for information on Costa Rican spheres.
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When I last went to MM they had a mint condition Robotron 2084 in its original stand-up cabinet, in perfect working order. It's so hard to find a good arcade game to play for $.25 these days, and that one in particular, due to the double-joystick controls, just isn't the same in emulation.
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