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Grandad, you're lovely. [Flash or QuickTime]
posted by Pretty_Generic (5 comments total)
Well, I enjoyed it at first, then thought it was starting to get a little repetitive, but then I made it to the end and thought it was totally worth it. A perfect ending, indeed.
posted by warhol at 7:41 AM on June 11, 2004

Yeah, I was getting pretty pissed off P_G, but then the ending made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
posted by tr33hggr at 8:59 AM on June 11, 2004

i like how the backgrounds all still have "gettyimages" watermarked over them or obviously erased. if youre going to steal images to make something, do you have to be that obvious?
posted by rhapsodie at 9:33 AM on June 11, 2004

Fantastic! it's been a long lonely wait for Mantlepies to make stuff again. thanks for pointing it out.

if you haven't seen it, Fancyteeth remains one of my favourite animations in the whole interweb

rhapsodie - this seems to be the next step in a history of Mr Wellington and Mr Peters subverting the Image Library genre - see their previous Stock Shot Mayhem
posted by gravelshoes at 9:48 AM on June 11, 2004

posted by scarabic at 11:03 AM on June 11, 2004

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