The Hoosier Hot Shot Show
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Are you ready, Hezzie? I have a complicated family history that allows be to be simultaneously from Washington state and Indiana. Over the last few years my tastes have migrated toward post-rock and traditional music played with a certain frantic desperation. Somehow, I knew that Indiana was a crossroads for these styles of music - but somehow, I missed out on the Hoosier Hot Shots, apparent popularizers of the beloved washboard!
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argh, I fixed that link!

...knew that Indiana...

Also, the preview noted that my title link was found in another thread... but it did not link to it, and site-searching 'hoosier' and 'hoosier hot shots' in google or locally came up empty. What giveth, gates?
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Well, drop yer socks and grab yer cock, m. whybark, because for a mere $20, that's TWENTY!! dollars, buckeros, or geedas, you, too, can own Everybody Stomp, 4 CD box set of the Hoosier Hot Shots,

--now on sale at Easy Street on Mercer Avenue!

I'd link to the Proper Records site itself for the proper notes, so to speak, but it's not co-operatin' tonight...
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I seed a slab of HH vinyl at the new record store in Georgetown this past week, which led to the Google-hunt! Mercer Street, here I come!
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I'll post my obligatory yodel of approval here. Love them Hotshots, and so does my toddling son, who, when they come on, clasps his tiny hands together and moves them in a circle.
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