The Old DuMont
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Forty years before Fox, America had ABC, CBS, NBC and the DuMont Television Network.
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Sweet christ the Simpsons has taught me more than I'd care to admit.
posted by Space Coyote at 3:09 PM on June 15, 2004

The DuMont Television Network: What Happened?

We get signal.
posted by kindall at 3:23 PM on June 15, 2004

I remember my dad mentioning watching the DuMont Network as a kid. Oddly when I was in my early 20's and had kindergarten aged sister, I used to mess with her head by saying "In my day, we only had three TV networks...and we we're thankful!"
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great site--i can't believe all the kinescopes were dumped in the bay.
posted by amberglow at 4:17 PM on June 15, 2004

see? attempts by technology vendors to become content providers have always been doomed to failure. die, MSN!
posted by quonsar at 4:39 PM on June 15, 2004

LOL kindall!

Interesting link, for sure, but that is one of the stuffiest web pages I've seen in a while. "The author" this and "the author" that, and look at that huge "how to view this site" section right at the top! Youch.
posted by scarabic at 5:51 PM on June 15, 2004

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