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US Presidents: Lists and Records. For Presidential Historians and Trivia addicts only. More inside
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A couple of the more interesting cuts at the data follow:

African-American Presidents
Note: Several presidents were allegedly of mixed European and African ancestry, which by U.S. reckoning would designate them as African-American. See The Five Negro Presidents by J.A. Rogers and Six Black Presidents: Black Blood, White Masks by Auset Bakhufu.
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Andrew Jackson
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Warren Harding
  • Dwight Eisenhower
Presidents who killed people outside of war (or who were accused thereof)
  • George Washington - accused of murdering a French ambassador during peacetime.
  • Andrew Jackson - killed a man in a duel

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ps: Apologies for the stray carriage return on the FPP.
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Ah, the days of the duel.
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Great list but some notable omissions. No wars during Clinton's tenure? And it does include the best presidential trivia ever:

Presidents who were never elected president or vice president

  • Gerald Ford

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    Presidents elected while serving in the Senate:
    Warren Harding
    John F. Kennedy
    Given the perennial quests by Senators for the nomination (12 of of the current 100 Senators have at one time or another run for the Presidency), this scarce result is rather interesting. And the batting average of incumbent Senators is pretty poor: eight have received the presidential nomination of their party, only two have won the White House. (Additionally James Garfield was a Senator-elect when he was elected president, and then declined the Senate seat. Garfield, Harding and Kennedy all died in office.) A total of 11 presidents had some service in the Senate prior to their election.

    By contrast, 17 men with gubernatorial experience have been elected to the Presidency; 6 or the last 7 races were won by a former governor.
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