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Revenue Watch, yet another project from Soros' Open Society Institute, brings you research, information, and advocacy on how revenues from natural resources are being invested and disbursed--and how responsive governments and companies are to demands for accountability. Currently focused on Azerbaijan, Iraq, and Kazahkstan, you can find information on everything from the CPA's rush to award contracts in Iraq before June 30, to reports on the Caspian Oil Boom, to journalist training and full transcripts of international conferences.
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can we get a [fonts blindingly small] warning next time? ;)
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Wow, so glad Soros has Metafilter for a PR Newswire. Otherwise the word would never get out, with the limited resources Soros has.
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Steve - so true, and Soros is just like a Mellon-Scaife or a Coors who doesn't, oddly enough, believe in providing the funds for US cities to buy riot control helicopters.

Soros is a weird guy....mmkay?

He funds Democracy.
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Anyone who really looks closely into what Soros is doing he is a great visionary of how to change the world. His work is subversive. Open Society = Open Source, to put it in Internet terms. Soros is about opening up the closed doors behind which the organizations of the world hide behind so they can be accountable to the public, and the public can have direct input on how things are done. It's the Microsoft vs Linux battle but writ large for every institution on the planet. It's like everyone becomes an open source programmer, except instead of programming we are part of the governing process. There are other groups and websites headed in this direction but Soros has the focus and resources to make cool things happen.

Good post amberglow.
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