"The shooter was Gay."
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"The shooter was Gay." "I know that, what was his name???" "Gay. The shooter was Gay." "No, his name..."
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This is the most distressing thing from the article (besides the murderous rampage):

"Gay visited a different bar and asked people where the gay bar was, telling witnesses that he wanted to shoot some gay people. A witness pointed him in the right direction, and then called police. "

Uh, how about pointing him in the direction of a fake bar that happens to have the address of the police station and then calling police? Does this person that helped him out get charged as an accompliance?
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it's roanoke virginia. whaddaya expect? i grew up not far from there. the mindset towards we gayfolk there is largely "it's different. let's kill it."
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Actually, they had someone on the news (possibly the bookstore owner in this later article) saying he felt it was a very tolerant city and this was extremely shocking to him. Not to discredit your personal experience, of course.

Actually, Matt, how about everyone in the first bar grabbing him and holding him for police, period? To me, it doesn't sound so much like the guy there was half-witted as that he didn't believe it at first, or instantly regretted it. On the other hand, if he were armed, what do you tell a guy with a gun?
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if he'd have simply turned the gun on himself....
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Report: Man Blames Name in Gay Bar Shooting

Ronald Gay, the man accused of killing one person and wounding six others in a gay bar, acted because of long-standing anger at the jokes people made of his last name, police said.

“He admits to shooting people,” police investigator Lt. William Althoff told The Washington Post on Sunday. “He told us people made fun of his name. ... He told us that he was upset about that.”

(from ABC News)
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