Watching Cats
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I Like To Watch: A photographic record of cats transfixed; self-referential cats; cat Witnesses of Our Time; cat onlookers; cats gazing stupidly at infinity; lightly hypnotized brainpan-fried cats; feline couch potatoes; cats afflicted by the staring disease; briefly and easily amused cats; UN observer cats; guilty bystander cats. All in all, an extremely important investigation into the perennial question of how to hold a cat's attention. [Click on "Cats", funnily enough.]
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Thanks Miguel. This is a pleasant departure from controversy and noise. Besides, I like cats and have a life-long fascination for infinite reflection and the like. (virtual tunnels, I call 'em)
posted by Goofyy at 11:55 PM on June 21, 2004

made me laugh, thanks!
posted by freshgroundpepper at 12:17 AM on June 22, 2004

I like to watch?

Oy! Please stop stealing my stuff.
posted by uncanny hengeman at 12:36 AM on June 22, 2004

I kept having to look over my shoulder. I have this unnerving sensation that a random cat might be watching me watching Fred and Humphrey watching Karma watching Jessica watching Bob watching Lavaca watching Tom watching Piru watching Maurice watching Cassiopeia watching Tam watching Suchi watching Marvin watching James watching Chaos watching Fuzzy watching Gershon watching Jinx watching...
posted by snarfodox at 7:10 AM on June 22, 2004

That is freaking hilarious.
posted by Quartermass at 7:27 AM on June 22, 2004

[this is acceptable]
posted by y2karl at 7:44 AM on June 22, 2004

I sure thought this was a dupe. Must've seen it elsewhere. (But where?) Anyway, I'm awfully tempted to try to coax Simone (my cat) into gazing at this MetaFilter post. But it ain't gonna happen.
posted by Ethereal Bligh at 7:54 AM on June 22, 2004

I tried to start one of these! I got this, and then did take one of her looking at that photo on the screen, but after that she wouldn't bite and my husband thought I was being silly.

In other words, good post.
posted by livii at 8:42 AM on June 22, 2004

well, I like the idea, as I have two cats and one of them likes to watch the monitor and try and catch the mouse cursor. Upon closer inspection, however, it seemed many of those cats were just placed in front of the monitor by their owners and didn't really appear to be watching the screen.
posted by PigAlien at 11:07 AM on June 22, 2004

PigAlien: You've shattered the very concept of my reality.
posted by Keyser Soze at 8:38 PM on June 23, 2004

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