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War is Hell: Generation Kill

Torn by War Porn*? Just can't get enough?

For those of you who stopped reading Rolling Stone some time in the 80's, and therefore most likely missed Evan Wright's war dispatches from Humvee Number One last summer, we bring you: Generation Kill:Devil Dogs, Iceman, Captain America, and the New Face of American War

Reviewed here,and here ("reprint" of NYT review).

*Oddly enough, Evan Wright's journalistic career began as a porn critic for Hustler. True story.
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Can't resist ... Wow, cool, an advertisment for Powells Books!
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Interesting story covered by Leonard Lopate on his show on WNYC (NPR) this week(Real Player required.). He had Evan Wright as well as couple of Marines from the First Recon on with him.
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"Wright rode into Iraq on March 20, 2003, with a platoon of First Reconnaissance Battalion Marines —
My hats off to him & his photo crew - the only photo my family saw of my brother while away in Iraq during his 9 months stay appeared in RS. The big deal for my family, the fact the US mail lost my brother's platoon mail during their tour. So we had few correspondences besides his short phone calls from the field to my mom.
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Backgound on Marine recon training. Interesting thoughts from current and former marines on the publication of the book.

The above linked alternet interview with the author was interesting. I found his candor and honesty (

"Although we have the image of hard-hitting, questioning-authority people, by and large reporters are the biggest bunch of kiss-asses on Earth. They gravitate toward power because power is where the information flows from."


Thanks for the link.
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Here's the original three articles.

Worth reading (for free)
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