Things that go squish in the night
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Safe Play At All Times. "If you fall into a hole this large on a building site you will not be able to climb out. You may have hurt yourself when you fell and need to go to hospital. But because you are down a hole, it is unlikely that anyone will see or hear you. You may not be found until it is too late." Click on Dangers and Read all about it.
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The site also has a flash game.It can be accessed by clicking on Safety Inspector at the top of the page.
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This is the kind of crap that would give me nightmares as a kid.
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The Daily Disaster
The Terrible Times
The Shocker

What fantastic names for newspapers...I'd love to see a headline archive for The Shocker. What would a slow news day be like for The Shocker?
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This is the kind of crap that would give me nightmares as a kid.

That is kind of why I posted it. The whole site seems a bit cruel and unusual. Instead of teaching kids to avoid worksites they are trying to make them so in terror of them they will never go near. Sort of a modern day Grimm's fairy tales meets Bob the Builder.
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Oh good, another web site working to stop kids being kids. Because, you know, we really need to give kids another reason to sit inside and play video games while munching on high-fat/sugar/salt snack foods.

There was a story on A Current Affair here the other night about playgrounds along the same lines. It turns out that (shock, horror), kids sometimes fall from playground equipment and hurt themselves. If some of these do-gooders trying to turn our kids into butterballs too afraid to test their limits could see some of the things that I used to get up to as a kid, no doubt they would shit themselves. Then they would probably try to have my Mother arrested for neglecting to protect me from the big wide world. Kids need to learn about what their limits are and need to explore their world to grow.
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Not just for kids!

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Great link, MrBadExample.

I like the SPLAAT signs. Blue is for things you must do. I think this one means "Stay alert! mathowie is watching you. Yes, you."
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I once fell down inside the support structure of a bridge in Boston. Those "legs" you see that hold the bridges up -- they're hollow inside. It was about 3 in the morning and I was trying to get a good photo. Since it was pitch dark where the support structure was, (and I forgot to bring a flashlight) I walked right into the hole. My right leg and arm got pretty fucked up in the fall, but they were the only things that stopped me from going all the way down to the bottom of the shaft. I wedged myself as I fell and it took me an hour to shimmy up the hole and out to freedom.

Up until that point in my life I'd taken some stupid, death-defying risks to get some good photos. But it took that one moment to realize that no shot is worth slow, painful, lonely death.
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