Here Come the Interns
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Watch out, Washington, here come the interns. With cicada season winding down, DC now girds itself for the next wave of invaders: interns from all over the country, descending on the capital to gain valuable government work experience. Some of them have been notorious, but most of them are fresh, young, wide-eyed, idealistic go-getters, willing to tolerate mockery to find a home, a job, and maybe some romance over the summer. Anyone got links to DC intern blogs?
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The Summer of the DC Intern. Note: She loves little dogs!
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From onlyconnect's link:

Monday, June 14, 2004
No Such Thing As The Real World

She's obviously been in Washington long enough already.
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She also misspelled Ronald Reagan's last name. Ah, youth. I interned in Washington, D.C. for ten weeks one summer in college, but my understanding of the experience has definitely been proportional to the number of years that have passed since it. However I did learn almost immediately that you should never buy TV dinners from Banquet.
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Oh, I don't mind the interns a bit. Their naive optimism brightens up the place. It's the throngs of thoughtless tourists who refuse to stand-right/walk-left that get under my skin.

Pardon me, Joe-Bob, but I'm trying to get to work.
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brownpau - what, you're working for Wonkette?
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