It's not only the size of the boat, but also the motion of the ocean.
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Remember small scissors? Big scissors! Remember small chocolate? Big chocolate! Small clipboards? Pfaff... Big clipboards! ... such is life at Great Big Stuff (thanks John)
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You may ask, Barry and Levon, where did you get $240 for a giant box of pudding? Don't worry your pretty lil head about it, it ain't your concern.
posted by Stan Chin at 6:53 PM on June 25, 2004

Wish they had a giant Pepsi Blue!
posted by robbie01 at 6:53 PM on June 25, 2004

Um. Very strange.
posted by dobbs at 7:02 PM on June 25, 2004

Wish they had a giant Pepsi Blue!
They don't appear to, but console yourself in these
posted by holloway at 7:19 PM on June 25, 2004

Wish they had a giant Pepsi Blue!
May I recommend a giant whine glass?
posted by punishinglemur at 7:32 PM on June 25, 2004

posted by keswick at 9:09 PM on June 25, 2004

Is there some big cheese too? 'Cause all this crap is incredibly cheesy. I prefer getting my cheesy crap from Archee McPhee.
posted by Eekacat at 9:15 PM on June 25, 2004

Spend a year or two in Japan and when you go back to the US and go to the supermarket, everything looks this outsized. Seriously. My wife said that the first time she went to a convenience store in the U.S., she was shocked to see that "Americans buy cola in buckets."

The super extreeem megaDouble Gulp is 64 ounces, closing in on the theoretical 99-ounce Gulp event horizon at which all gulpage recursively implodes and becomes infinitely small, taking the universe with it. Someone send me a picture of someone drinking one of these while riding one of those miniature motorcycles.
posted by planetkyoto at 2:01 AM on June 26, 2004

When I was a kid, there was a store near where I lived called "Think Big" which had giant versions of regular stuff - I remember giant crayons (like, 4 feet high) and giant matchbooks, off the top of my head. We (my sister & I) used to love making trips to this place, but my parents must have been bored to tears. (Well, perhaps not my father. I think he even found Garfield amusing.)
posted by mdn at 10:35 AM on June 26, 2004

$194 for a giant pencil is a bit rough, especially since a normal sized one is like 20 cents or something!
posted by mcsweetie at 12:39 PM on June 26, 2004

Never eat anything bigger than your head. Never drink anything larger than your bladder.
posted by JoanArkham at 5:25 PM on June 26, 2004

I have 2.3 of the exact same candy bar they are advertising, and all three of them cost me less than what they are charging for one. And I got to pick the mix of milk versus dark bars, which they are silent on.

I ate some of the dark earlier today, with peanut butter. Mmm...
posted by NortonDC at 4:04 PM on June 27, 2004

Giant Underpants! Heh HEH!
posted by quasistoic at 3:51 PM on July 2, 2004

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