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The J.S. Bach Home Page.
posted by Gyan (9 comments total)
What an excellent resource! Great post.
posted by hama7 at 9:00 AM on June 26, 2004

This is great! I have some Bach CDs (Glenn Gould, cello suites, lute suites, violin partitas, double-violin concerto, etc.) but I've generally felt myself limited by lack of knowledge (and budget). Looks like there's some great recommendations in there to explore.
posted by carter at 9:04 AM on June 26, 2004

A true labor of love and respect.
posted by mischief at 9:34 AM on June 26, 2004

Thanks for sharing this.
posted by pmurray63 at 10:31 AM on June 26, 2004

Whoo, complete works! I feel like a kid in a candy store.

The Coffee Cantata!
posted by brownpau at 10:42 AM on June 26, 2004

This is good, and it goes without saying that Bach rules - though, always finding something to grouse about, would it be so much to ask to have scores linked to the works and not just recordings? I'm pretty sure they're all public domain by now.

Don't mind me. Typically as soon as I find an exhaustive resource like this it takes me ten seconds before I say "but why couldn't they have made it even better?" Thanks, Gyan.
posted by soyjoy at 9:14 PM on June 26, 2004

See also, Dave's J.S.Bach Page, and the Bach Central Station.
posted by crunchland at 9:20 PM on June 26, 2004

As someone once said, "A bad performance of Handel is awful. A bad performance of Bach is still Bach."
posted by Faze at 6:05 AM on June 27, 2004

This is great!
posted by thatwhichfalls at 6:21 AM on June 27, 2004

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