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Rude place names. If you're in England then this is for you. Please bare with us rest of the world, this is what we really like in our humour (at least it in Kilburn). If you're not in England then feel free to use my postcode, NW2. Ooooo, titter ye not (and who will be the first wag to post "not"?)
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This isn't just going by rude words; it must have taken a huge amount of effort to find all the locations. Appallingly pointless, heart-warming effort.
posted by Pretty_Generic at 3:55 PM on June 28, 2004

Any particular reason why there's a place called Nasty near you, ciderwoman?
posted by linux at 4:09 PM on June 28, 2004

I am reassured that the village of Sodom is relatively close by me. It's time I met the locals...
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Please post some recommended postcodes.
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My mothers' postcode (M41 5TJ) gives some good ones including:

Dick Slap
Pisser Clough

Neilther of which I was aware of before.
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These places are intriguing. A few, like the one I mentioned above, just seem to have no other meaning but the meaning intended. I'm curious about the history.
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wsg: Non-UK'ers could try inventing postcodes - they're usually in the format "letter/letter/number- space- number/letter/letter". Numbers are usually 1-20, tho I have seen higher.

Tho' why you'd bother, I don't know. I'd like to know if Gropecunt Lane still exists tho.
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Some more good ones at NE61 3SY

Shitlington Crags
Lady's Hole
Cock Play
Wide Open Dykes
Cock Bush Hall Farm
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All you folks putting up your family postcodes - did you know that your postcode identifies your location to within a very small area, usually 3 or 4 houses? Worth bearing in mind. This incidentally means that [housenumber]/[postcode] is a valid way to address a letter, and looks really cool.

For the purposes of this page the first section is more than enough - my NN18 tells me I'm 12 miles from Titty Ho! I feel a road trip coming on...
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Dick Slack
Hole Bottom
Pisser Clough

heh. heh.
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I just made up a postcode and got this page. The Lumps of Garryhorn sounds evocative, doesn't it?
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I think something must be lost in the translation. What exactly is a "Claggy Cott," and why should I chuckle at it?
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how anyone ever came up with butthole lane without even a smirk is beyond me. this explains monty python (must be that the jokes write themselves), almost. and yeah, as said above: it awes and amuses me that someone took the time to do this. :)
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There is a body of water in Australia known as "Cock Wash". (It also a brand of douche for men.)

Cock Wash?!

Check here if you don't believe me!
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Ha! The Scots can do as well as you Sassenachs!

[Edinburgh EH1]
Bottom Burn
Fanny Burn
Fanny Hill
Bitch Craig
Fatlips Castle
Rotten Bottom

[Stornoway HS1]
Hoe Rape
Nest of Fannich
Tongue of Gangsta
Buttock Point
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Lickham Bottom
Clitsome Farm
Crab Hole
Burnt Bottom
Box Bush Farm*
Butt Hatch*
Lusty Hill
Snatch House
Arshaton Wood

* = heheheh.
posted by ed\26h at 12:41 AM on June 29, 2004

Manchester, M16

Nob End
Dick Slack
Hole Bottom
Bottom Flash (heh)
Shatton Moor

I used to live in a place called Cock Bank. Putting in the postcode didn't bring it up though.

I'd like to know if Gropecunt Lane still exists tho.

It doesn't. I think (remembering some distant pub muttering I overheard once) it was renamed Grub Street. It then became Milton Street.
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Butthole Lane
Jughole wood
Hole in the Wall
Butt Mound
Dirty Gutter
Shatton Moor
Foul End

Coincidentally, we were out walking on Shatton Moor only a fortnight ago. I'd like to say we didn't chuckle, but I'd be lying.
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Ah, Birmingham has some "quality" ones:

Lickey End
Bell End
Foul End
Piddle Brook
Wyre Piddle
Bishops Itchington
Druggers End
Butthole Lane
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My uncle used to live in Bishop's Itchington...
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'kin ell ed/26h i got those exact ones, you dont live in my house do you?
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I'm pleased with mine. It would appear that living in the countryside has it's uses after all...

Cuckoo's Knob
Titty Hill
Sandy Balls
Golden Balls
Balls Cross
Crotch Crescent
Box Tunnel
Muthafucking Wank Cottagers

ok ok, i made the last one up...
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My local favorite is Touchen End, which didn't come up on the page. But I did get Crotch Crescent from the site.
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I did get Crotch Crescent from the site.

First case of actual disease transmitted by the Internet.
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What exactly is a "Claggy Cott," and why should I chuckle at it?

Well, "claggy" means sticky, so I suppose that you're not that far away from "Sticky Bed" which has dirty enough connotations. Of course "claggy" just makes me think of clag-nuts, otherwise known as dangleberries, winnets or klingons. You know what I'm talking about.
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Six Mile Bottom (CB2 1TA)
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Postcodes define anything from one address to about 20.

This house shares it's postcode with one other (the other half of the semi (duplex?). My old house had it's own postcode.
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To keep everyone happy, 25miles from CB5 is a place called Minges.
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