Nuclear 1914
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June 28th is the 90th Anniversary of the terrorist assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand which touched off the First World War. The world today is not much different then 90 years ago. Nuclear 1914: The Next Big Worry, by Henry Sokolski.
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Not to be confused with the wildly popular rock band of the same name.
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The gun that started the war has recently resurfaced, along with the Archduke's bloodstained clothes and other items.
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The world is different. However, people remain pretty much the same over time and geography.
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Oh, that's a band. (I see posters with the name and I figured it was a new type of cheese or toilet cleaner or something.) "Wildly popular" might be overstating it, Down10. Wildly hyped? Sure. (You think I could guess what they sound like without hearing them? Then I don't have to seek them out, right?)

Politically, this would be the history we are doomed to repeat.
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From the article:

Taipei could easily have cause to try to acquire nuclear weapons again. If it were to try, China would surely demand that the U.S. get Taiwan to cease and desist and threaten invasion if Taiwan did not.

Oh, really? How is the PRC going to sustain any kind of invasion across the Strait with no blue-water navy worth the name, no amphibious-assault or strategic sealift capability, and an air force that might last all of a week against the ROC air defenses? Frickin' swim over and attack with hoes and pitchforks? And assuming that enough of their guys made across to throw any kind of scare into the ROC, how are they supposed to be supplied and reinforced?
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Here's one scenario (discussed here,) though any overt demands would ruin the surprise.
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The Black Hand holds the gun
The Devil takes his run
Urban, take the Appel Quay
It's June the twenty-eighth
The seventh was for me

Bang, bang, history's complete
Bang, bang, shoot me Gavrilo
Bang, bang, the first six are for you
Bang, bang, the seventh is for me
Bang, bang, Gavrilo Principe
Bang, bang, shoot me Gavrilo

- Franz Ferdinand - All For You Sophia
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