The demon lord B'harne, servant of the malevolent alien High Magus of Lyra, has commenced his assault on the human race.
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The Barney Fun Page was one of the first things I found online, along with The Jihad to Destroy Barney on the Worldwide Web. Back when nobody knew what a jihad was.
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Wow, this was one of the first things I ever found myself. The fun page seemed to high-tech in '95.
posted by Evstar at 6:34 AM on July 1, 2004

When you say "found" that implies you were searching for something. So which was it you entered into altavista: 'Barney' or 'Jihad'?
posted by ChasFile at 6:49 AM on July 1, 2004

I remember scouring the web for wavs, and happening upon these kill Barney wavs (they're at the top).

I also remember one that had a small clip from "Hotel California" by The Eagles, and I thought that it was hilarious at the time.

O Metafilter, you were barely a glimmer in Matt's eye! Remember, on the shoulder of giants you stand.
posted by bitpart at 7:18 AM on July 1, 2004

Ahhh this brings back memories of me getting my first taste of the internet in alt.barney.die.die.die
posted by PenDevil at 7:49 AM on July 1, 2004

next thing i knew, someone ate my balls.
posted by quonsar at 8:11 AM on July 1, 2004

True story: About the time that Barney was ubiquitous, I trained one of my friend's small children to tell her that Barney was the anti-christ because he taught conformity and conformity was evil. (Because I knew it would make my friend laugh.)

What I hadn't counted on was the Pavlov-like memory skills children have...especially if they've gotten a positive reaction from doing something. Apparently, the very, very, very Christian woman who ran the boy's day care did not think the anti-christ reference was funny. Oops.
posted by dejah420 at 10:08 AM on July 1, 2004

I enjoy teaching my younger relations incorrect animal noises. So then when their mother asks "What noise does a dog make?" they say "Mooo." "What noise does a cat make?" "Ribbit." Always good for a laugh.
posted by ChasFile at 10:50 AM on July 1, 2004

I remember replacing the Barons of Hell in Doom with Barney as well.
posted by angry modem at 11:47 PM on July 2, 2004

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