Scary Hind.
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Custom paint job on Afghan Hind attack chopper. Impressive, but why? (Via Gizmodo)
posted by marvin (23 comments total)
Because it looks neat!
posted by headspace at 10:15 PM on July 3, 2004

Why not?

Also, I guess it drives home the point that it is dangerous - as if the rows of armament pods were not obvious enough.
posted by spazzm at 10:18 PM on July 3, 2004

the eyes need to glow red
posted by Satapher at 10:21 PM on July 3, 2004

if you have to ask why then the terrorists have won.
posted by rhyax at 10:23 PM on July 3, 2004

So that when they perform rescue missions to Mount Doom they don't look so strange, when they'll discuss why they didn't just fucking fly the ring there themselves instead of making some hobbits walk all the way there.
posted by Stan Chin at 10:31 PM on July 3, 2004

This is some bizarre, unintentional homage to Bosch. It looks like some demonic mechano-beast.
posted by picea at 10:32 PM on July 3, 2004

Mike: So, is that a Russian chopper?

Google: yes.

Ergo, this is the Karzai government's? Or some warlord's?

Also: isn't falconry a big deal in Afghanistan?
posted by mwhybark at 10:56 PM on July 3, 2004

The colors are rather camouflage in the desert. I can imagine someone being around with the skill to paint such a design, and for that person, doing so probably improved morale. My grandfather created some rather cool art by etching his mess kit with a penknife, largely while waiting in line for food, in ww1 France. And yes, it was an eagle.
posted by Goofyy at 10:59 PM on July 3, 2004

I think this is much stranger (click home on the linked site). Keep your eye on the ball indeed.
posted by loquax at 11:00 PM on July 3, 2004

it was done b/c the terrorists hate our freedom
posted by suprfli at 11:11 PM on July 3, 2004

Although the Hind was used extensively in Afghanistan, and no doubt some remain, this particular craft belongs to the Hungarian Air Force and is painted that way for air show display.
posted by dhartung at 11:21 PM on July 3, 2004

It's so that instead of sneak attacks, they can hit with awe attacks. Attack while everyone is pointing to the sky going "coooooooooooool!".
posted by fizz-ed at 11:29 PM on July 3, 2004

maybe they should make the thing look like a little yellow chick and go for "shock and aaaaaaaaaaawwwww!!"
posted by muppetboy at 11:35 PM on July 3, 2004

Let's see one painted up as a giant penis too
posted by angry modem at 11:43 PM on July 3, 2004

Let's see one painted up as a giant penis too

Yes! And the hanger can be painted as a vagina! And to raise money it could be sold to the next James Bond film... or Austin Powers.
posted by cell divide at 12:02 AM on July 4, 2004

Bravo, dhartung!
posted by mwhybark at 12:05 AM on July 4, 2004

All it needs now is one of those coffee-can exhaust-pipes stuck on the back so it can make loud rasping noises while it takes off; and maybe a sun strip that says 'Vlad's Motorz' in graffiti style writing.
posted by carter at 6:28 AM on July 4, 2004

Why? Because they can, of course. Looks very cool and is probably just as effective in camouflage terms as the standard paint job, so why not?
posted by dg at 6:53 AM on July 4, 2004

Could have been worse. He could have painted it yellow, put on an oversized exhaust and covered it with sponsor stickers and an big "Type R" on the back windshield.
posted by eriko at 8:12 AM on July 4, 2004

Don't you all know that gold is the new brushed metal?
posted by Hankins at 8:47 AM on July 4, 2004

umm, 403 forbidden
posted by Grod at 10:35 AM on July 4, 2004

Hungarians have been known to kick ass. Former partners in the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy which initiated the chain reaction that started The First World War, almost exactly 90 years ago to the day.
posted by stbalbach at 10:57 AM on July 4, 2004

Because we can't make make this yet?
posted by infowar at 4:23 PM on July 5, 2004

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