A blow for freedom
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The supreme court ruling that Guant?namo Bay prisoners can challenge their detention in the US is something that renews hope that America is not going down the drain. Slowly everyone understands the madness this administration wanted to drag us all in.
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Here's the link to the relevant FPP, back when it actually happened.
posted by jpburns at 7:50 AM on July 6, 2004

announcer: "...and jpburns leads off today's discussion with a lead pipe to the face! listen to that crowd roar!"
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So that's where Bin Laden's been hiding!
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I thought I was being polite and helpful... not screaming and all...
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ah. perhaps my perception was clouded by wishful thinking.
posted by quonsar at 8:13 AM on July 6, 2004

this isn't a double at all, JP, it's a link to a well written opinion piece about a UK law professors renewal of faith in our way of government.
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It's a very interesting article and SCOTUS's descision has restored some of my very battered affection for the United States. Would that the House of Lords is so brave when the internetment appeals are heard before them shortly.
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SCOTUS: Supreme Court appointed by Presidents
POTUS: President appointed by Supreme Court
GITMO: Minimalist Cuban Resort
ENC: Enemy non-combatants
HR: Human Rights
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Slowly, the madness into which the administration wanted to drag us, is understood by everyone.
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has anyone told the detainees yet? will they? the AP just did a piece from "inside Guantanamo" but no mentions of lawyers or any sort of justice that i could see.
posted by amberglow at 10:40 AM on July 6, 2004

my local paper has letters to the editor complaining about it. Givin' rights to folks who want to destroy amerka and all that.
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Apparently we traded 5 Saudi suspects from Guantánamo Bay for 7 Westerners who had been framed by Saudi Arabia.
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Most detainees have not yet been told of their newly won right. Nor were they told about the Abu Ghraib scandal, officials said.--from the Guardian today
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> it's a link to a well written opinion piece about a UK law professors
> renewal of faith in our way of government.

If he waved his arms and gave up before seeing the detentions tested before the Supreme Court, that was, what can I say, dim and jellylike. Oh he of little faith!
posted by jfuller at 3:55 PM on July 6, 2004

That's right jfuller, you tell Conor Gearty about how human rights law works. He's only a barrister with Matrix Chambers and head of human rights law at the London School of Economics. Suffice it to say that he is a lawyer of huge standing.

The point I fear is that the actions of the President have put America egregiously in breach of some of the most basic tenants of international law. This is an impressive piece of legal fancy footwork to set the US back on the right track. While it is right and proper that such mistakes can be rectified by appeal after the fact it is appropriate that legal experts flag where the law is broken before people have been interned for three years - given the circumstances a little arm waving is right and no one's suggesting that he have up.

apologies for getting carried away just finished postgrad thesis in this area and currently very depressed
posted by dmt at 3:55 AM on July 7, 2004

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