Living with HIV
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In My Place. Brent posted a link on his blog today to an "ongoing, unfinished series of journal entries [he's been writing] since testing positive for hiv last year". I'm taking the entries one at a time, as they're poignant... so I've not yet read through them all. It's a brave thing... brave and beautiful. God speed Brent, and I hope that your sharing will touch the hearts of those who suffer alone.
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Pretty open and honest. And you can really feel what he's sharing. I didn't find them unbearable, like silus--but could understand why someone would. I especially think it's interesting that it's so easy to be criminialized and become defensive--which makes the life you have left so much less worth living.
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That's one of the most moving things I've read in awhile. Stuff like this should be required reading for anyone taking a health/sex ed class.
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This is incredible. A friend of mine is experiencing the same things with his poz status. I'd devastating, but the tenacity toward hope is very inspiring. Thanks.
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good luck to him...and i hope he finds a mix of the cocktail that works without making him live in the bathroom--they're all problematic (and toxic).
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Brave and awful, sparse and beautifully written. My respect and thanks to Brent; i hope he feels better with every day.
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Jesus, the Health Department part of it has got to be so alienating. It's like they're putting him through some secret-agent test where they go through your garbage and talk to everyone you've known since 2nd grade. I don't understand the reason for forcing doctors to reveal confidential information about their patients when it's so obviously going to be used against them.
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