Bill Sienkiewicz, comicbook demiurge
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Bill Sienkiewicz: aside from being an award winning comic-book artist (his New Mutants stint is my particular favorite), has also done some amazing film, televison and graphic work.
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Two Words:

Elektra: Assassin
posted by tcobretti at 11:51 AM on July 7, 2004

You got that right. I must have read Elektra Assassin a million time when I was in college. It's brilliant. Leave nothing living.
posted by Scoo at 12:06 PM on July 7, 2004

For me, it's all about Stray Toasters. Make mine 11-T-9!
posted by jazon at 1:24 PM on July 7, 2004

Aye, Stray Toasters be it. I wonder why he hasn't done alcoholic beverage illos like Ralph Steadman whose work seems to have inspired Sienkiewicz in my uninformed opinion.
posted by infowar at 2:18 PM on July 7, 2004

Great link, Sienkiewicz has been one of my favorites for years. I'll chip in and say Big Numbers is my fave by him.

Also worth checking out are these recently drawn pages from a Batman story-- according to rumor, they won't be printed as planned.
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I love Sienkiewicz (especially Elektra), and those Batman drawings are very cool, but anyone who'd plunk down almost $3K for a comic panel these days has got to be nuts. (At least, if they're doing it for an investment--if they've got the cash, and they just love the illustration, god bless 'em.)

There was a good documentary on the History Channel last week on the evolution of comics and the comic industry, reviewing how the whole "collectible" craze of the early '90s practically killed the industry. (And may yet--the repercussions of that time are still being felt, and haven't ended so far.) Really too bad--like probably a whole bunch of people here, I've always felt that comics are under-appreciated as a legitimate art form.
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Sienkiewicz's work on The New Mutants in the 1980's was my bridge into quality art and writing in comics. Without him, I would not have ever even tried Moore, Miller, Gaiman, Morrison, Busiek or even Sim.

Also, let me add my general support for Stray Toasters - a wonderful, bizarre little story.
posted by Joey Michaels at 5:14 PM on July 7, 2004

I love Bill's work, but I still haven't completely forgiven him for the Big Numbers debacle.
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God God, late to the debate. Let me throw my weight in for Stray Toasters too. I think I may still have mine...
posted by daver at 11:38 PM on July 7, 2004

Jeez that's creepy.
Not five minutes ago I was looking at the new Sonic Youth album wondering if Bill had done the cover painting. (It was Richard Prince actually) and then I hit refresh.
Chalk me up as a Stray Tosters fan, I'll have to pull out my copies and reread them (again!)
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