Rodin Museum
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Rodin Museum.
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Another Rodin Museum.
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The Rodent's Gallery
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I been there! My dad took me when I was 12 (lucky me). I always remember staring at the Thinker's genitals. Nature, not nurture!
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i was there last february. if you're ever lucky enough to get to Paris, i highly recommend it, along with the Picasso.

i went to school at Stanford, and smoked pot in the sculpture garden like everybody else, but i never really appreciated Rodin fully until i visited the museum.
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I have passed many an hour haggling over coffee table books in the giftshop at the Hirshhorn Gallery and Sculpture Garden in D.C. where they have quite a few Rodins, including The Burghers and a Balzac and even one of those Crouching Women. But O! to be in Paris with a hunk of bronze.
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I love the Rodin museum in Paris. There's a very cute cat that wanders around near the cafe.

Aww. Now I need to go look at airfares.
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Oh, damn, I thought you meant Rodan.
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I never really had spent much time with Rodin's work until around 10th grade when I read Stranger in a Strange Land by Heinlein. In the book he spends a lot of time on Rodin, especially Fallen Caryatid With Stone. That was enough to make me go and enjoy many an hour with this Master's works and, admittedly, maybe a little bit of pot.

I have a strange mental connection with Rodin and Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Somehow their individual and distinct manner of depiciting the human body in sculpture, or more specifically how the human body can distort and twist within a moment of emotional rapture, always seems to evoke a similar sort of awe-tinged Ecstasy of St. Therese vs Fallen Caryatid With Stone
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The Rodin Museum, Philly-style
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I was there earlier this year. It's phenomenal. If you go, take a day trip to Brussels and see Magritte's house.

Rodin left his stuff to the government, which now sells original recasts with his signature.

So, one of the greatest sculptures ever, and you can own his stuff yourself! A brand new original! Limited edition!
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i always have a bit of difficulty enjoying rodin's work, because while i'm admiring it, i'm also wondering who really created it... which sections of any particular work did he actually make, which parts were created by one of his many assistants, which bits really belong to camille claudel, etc, etc...? it's all astonishing work, but that always nags at me.
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