Are you Pee-Shy?
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Are you Pee-Shy? YOU ARE NOT ALONE. In fact, recent studies show that about 7% of the public, or 17 million people, may suffer from this social anxiety disorder. Often referred to as Pee-Shy, Shy-Bladder, Bashful Bladder, etc.

It could be more people than that. And the majority of them are men. But how many have the guts to step forward and publicly admit it? Not many.
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/me puts his hand up.

Not that circumstances really push it to the surface that often.
posted by holloway at 10:28 AM on September 27, 2000

Awww, man! holloway beat me to it! lol, oh well.

I didn't visit anything besides the page that was linked to directly, but the fact that the majority are men is no surprise to me. Typically, women pee in a closed-in stall, while men pee right next to one another at the urinals. So, if anything, I would guess that women simply don't have to *deal* with their pee-shyness, at least not at all to the same degree that men do. Seriosuly, how often do you women pee when you're not in a private stall? Exactly. About the only time that you do is when you go camping, and you can attribute having a hard time peeing while camping to a load of other issues.
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I'm more like pee-bold, it is all I can do to keep myself from urinating on other people in public bathrooms.
posted by thirteen at 11:22 AM on September 27, 2000

I don't mean that in the guy from Wham kinda way.
posted by thirteen at 11:43 AM on September 27, 2000

i call it stage fright...i can't pee in front of other people, and i'm a girl...

posted by centrs at 1:35 PM on September 27, 2000

For me it began when I was in high school. I was in front of the urinal doing my business when suddenly from behind someone reached for my... wallet. I've been traumatized ever since. I felt you all had to know.
posted by leo at 2:04 PM on September 27, 2000

centrs, does that include when you're in a stall in a public restroom?

Myself, I don't suffer this problem, but I think it's horribly insulting to be expected to pee at urinals (especially at stadiums and theaters) with nothing shielding you from the next guy. It's one thing if there are partitions between the urinals, but oftentimes there aren't. Just a general etiquette that no one will look left or right. It's humiliating.
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Or how about when other guys try and strike up a conversation while you both are trying to whiz? What's up with that? Freaks me out, and makes me even more unlikely to pee...

jeesh... talk about my insecurities.
posted by da5id at 2:17 PM on September 27, 2000

Arg! I hate those talkative people! Especially the ones that want to talk about the condition of the bathroom itself -- I think it's some sort of perversion: "hey, my toilet paper sucks, what about yours?". Eeww.
posted by aramaic at 2:36 PM on September 27, 2000

Only if a girl's in there... or perhaps that was just a one-time deal.

Need to run more "trials." ;)
posted by hobbes at 3:37 PM on September 27, 2000

It seems to me that this site is talking about inability to urinate, in spite of conscious desire, rather than disinclination to urinate due to social factors.

It seems a little tricky to tell one from the other, though.

posted by Mars Saxman at 4:30 PM on September 27, 2000

This 'pee-shy' psychobabble is just a bunch of communist hogwash. Be a real, red blooded Americans for once! Piss loudly and wantonly whenever the fancy strikes you. That's what makes this country great!

Sucks to your paruresis!
posted by aladfar at 10:10 PM on September 27, 2000


i can pee in a private stall, but on occasions like a party or being outdoors i can't do it if i'm with another know how girls always go to the bathroom in pairs?
posted by centrs at 8:54 AM on September 28, 2000

Reminds me of the time I heard snoring three stalls down. Now there was a fellow who wasn't in any hurry.
posted by netbros at 10:52 AM on September 28, 2000

you know how girls always go to the bathroom in pairs?

Heh, well I don't know if I'd be able to pee with someone else in the bathroom with me either. I've never tried it... ;)
posted by daveadams at 10:56 AM on September 28, 2000

Are you Pee-Shy?


They are.
posted by baylink at 1:52 PM on September 28, 2000

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