Korean Psych And Acid Folk
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Korean Psych And Acid Folk • An introduction to the late-60s/early-70s experimental music of Korea. Bonus: be among the few Westerners to hear these ultra-rare tracks by the Pearl Sisters with songwriting contributions from a man known as the "godfather of Korean rock and roll", Shin Joong-Hyun, who is credited with influencing Korea's heavier rock scene of the last two decades.
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Nice find, dhoyt, my man. I only wish there was more audio available. The stuff at this site has me drooling.

Check through Cutie Morning Moon for some more great international psych/garage.
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Very cool, thanks dhoyt! Love this stuff.
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Fantastic! Really enjoyed this.
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Just wanted to say again how wonderful that Pearl Sisters album is.
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Shoot me an email if you find anything interesting about them that hasn't been covered in the FPP, because Google sure didn't turn up much. They're not listed in any of the major databases (AllMusic, UBL...) and it's especially tough to find any samples of their music, which is why this page turned out to be such a gem. If you're looking to buy, Ann Young is selling at least one Pearl Sisters comp.
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