Save The Children calls on release of Iraqi children from jails.
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Save The Children calls on release of Iraqi children from jails. This apparently in response to recent media reports on the abuse of children in Iraqi prisons. And it's not just Save the Children who is concerned, but UNICEF, Amnesty International, and the Red Cross. Infact, Congress has called for a special briefing tomorrow from the Pentagon on "confidential reports" from the Red Cross on prison conditions in Iraq. The Pentagon is closing the briefing to the public, however, and apparently thinks that even Congress shouldn't know the details of how we treat prisoners.
"It's something of a stretch of policy and procedures to give them to the Congress," Rumsfeld spokesman Larry Di Rita said.
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Spread your ass cheeks America!

It's a merely matter of national security! You cant just go around letting everybody know everything. The government is supposed to take care of these things! We've got our own jobs to tend to! Keepsakes to protrect!

100% pure cotton.
posted by Satapher at 8:51 PM on July 8, 2004

Where is the "think of the children" crowd when they are really needed?
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this is even more disgusting than the abu gharaib shit...i really can't believe us sometimes.
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Jesus, how the hell do you argue this one?

Sure it looks bad, but it was all an innocent hazing prank gone awrie.

The terrorists there are very youthful looking

Those kids were probably safer in this prison cells than running loose on the streets of Najaf.

I mean, seriously, what the heck kind of spasm does your brain have to go into to think that this is OK?
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I'm just glad we've got such a good handle on our military, that somehow the military can keep secrets from Congress and Congress just rolls over.

As for the "private jail in Afghanistan" story - who was paying these guys, if the military wasn't involved? I mean, it's not like these three fools decided to do this as a hobby...?

I hope...?
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Iraq is hardly the only place where children are kept prisoner without committing crimes.
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But it might be one of very few places place where they've been imprisoned by an occupying power...
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...much less a Western, democratic "liberator".

BTW, did anyone else notice the news about Samarra yet? When was the last time in history that you've heard of a U.S. military base was overrun. Five U.S. soldiers dead, twenty wounded, our soldiers airlifted out, a convoy shot up... and we've apparently lost control of another major Iraqi city.

It's not "just like Vietnam", but it sure sounds a lot like Fallujah...
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This, I guess, is a small taste about what they didn't want to tell us about Abu Ghraib.

As Seymour Hersch said regarding the Abu Ghraib videos at a speech at the University of Chicago:
"You haven't begun to see evil... horrible things done to children of women prisoners, as the cameras run..."
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Tell it to CNN. That's what I did.
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Another day, another breach of international law, today it's Article 38 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Nice one America. Let freedom reign indeed.
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*waits for the usual Bush apologists to show up, falls asleep*
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Bush was abusing prisoners in Iraq?
*leaves fecal gift for matteo at the foot of his bed*
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Yeah!!! Bush didnt do it personally for fucks sake -- what is he, in charge or something?
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Witty - don't you think that this deserves a more intelligent response?

*Looks at date: posts anyway*
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