Sometimes getting your car back is simply not enough.
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Friday Fun! It's good to see a local advertiser with the guts to go for a "funny" ad campaign. I imagine these get a good response. If I lived in Oregon, this place would get my business (well, if they sold Hondas). Viva la Trunk Monkey!
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Double post. What a naughty monkey!
posted by XQUZYPHYR at 7:19 AM on July 9, 2004

Sigh. Different domain. Mefi search and google search failed on monkey and the domain. It didn't occur to me to search for it as trunkmonkey with no domain.

Almost not worth trying.

However, the old link no longer works, so use this new domain.

Sigh. It really does take the wind out of your sails when you TRY to search and you still fail.
posted by Ynoxas at 7:26 AM on July 9, 2004

I didn't see it the first time around, so thanks for the refresher! The bribe was the best.
posted by JakeEXTREME at 7:28 AM on July 9, 2004

It is an oldie, but a real goodie. I hadn't thought about it in yonks, though, and it's still funny.

Here's hoping they got some business out of it, if only to encourage others to try ads like this.
posted by chicobangs at 7:30 AM on July 9, 2004

Cheer up, Ynoxas; it is better to have posted and then double-posted, then never to have posted at all. Or something like that.
posted by carter at 7:32 AM on July 9, 2004

I've seen this ad for several years around here for a local auto-dealer. Must be a syndicated ad or something. Anyhow, I definitely laughed the first few times I saw it.
posted by PigAlien at 7:35 AM on July 9, 2004

Thanks, quiet. Been looking for those for a while. You wouldn't have links to those ads done by the people who did nutragrain (I feel Great!), would you?
posted by dobbs at 9:04 AM on July 9, 2004

Turnpike Films had to take all their corperate related ads down. You can still find the I Feel Great ad at
posted by qDot at 9:47 AM on July 9, 2004

Thanks, qDot!
posted by dobbs at 9:55 AM on July 9, 2004

Great post, three cheers for Trunk Monkey!
posted by chrid at 10:26 AM on July 9, 2004

HAHAHAHAHA I missed that first time around. Thanks for the post.
The bribe one was excellent !
posted by a3matrix at 12:44 PM on July 9, 2004

Suburban Auto Group still screws people over, good commercials or not.
posted by Keyser Soze at 1:18 PM on July 9, 2004

Speaking of great ads from Oregon car dealerships, don't forget the Greatest Auto Dealer Commercial of All Time.
posted by Gortuk at 3:08 PM on July 9, 2004

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