All the Mountain Dew you can drink!
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Blast Off to Democracy! [dialup or broadband, Quicktime req'd]
The second installment of the Partisan Jab project- first episode discussed here.
posted by moonbird (6 comments total)
Now that's some good video editing, blue screen and animation skillz :) In your face Faux News !
posted by elpapacito at 8:25 AM on July 10, 2004

More Jason Woliner projects here.
posted by moonbird at 10:41 AM on July 10, 2004

Well. Er. Not a patch on the Ashcroft Fear Remix. Sorry.
posted by lupus_yonderboy at 12:56 PM on July 10, 2004

"yessss, and also, where is my daddy?"

they do great stuff : >
posted by amberglow at 6:27 PM on July 10, 2004

"Penitainment" - fantasic :)
posted by chrid at 5:11 AM on July 11, 2004

The main link now goes to a new one, "Coalition" Remix.
posted by homunculus at 5:14 PM on July 12, 2004

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