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120 Years of Electronic Music. Electronic musical instruments 1870 -1990.
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*takes deep breath, dives in*
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Great resource. Funny how you see the Ondes-Martenot popping up again (Radiohead, et al).
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awesome link.
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That's top hole. Something to peruse while I listen to Alison Goldfrapp pleasure herself with a theramin.
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This one is unnecessarily complicated in the most beautiful way.
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Jimbob: see also optigan, Optiganally Yours.
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Whoo. :)
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simply amazing...
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My First Synthesizer (the top one). Well, it was actually owned by my first high school science teacher - who was also the person that introduced computers into the school. Fond, if geeky, memories ;-)

This was always the lust object but never to be afforded on a paperboy's wage.

If someone had told me then that I'd be able to carry an entire studio setup (Reason running on my iBook) in something smaller than a phone book and costing half (in real terms) what my dad paid for our first family BBC Micro in just over 20 years...
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My first synthesizer (also the top one). Ah, those halcyon days, when the CZ101 came out and made those tiny-key jobs sound at least halfway like a real synth. Great stuff, fire.
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