Geek humor at its best
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Odd, but strangely compelling all the same.
posted by dg at 10:28 PM on July 13, 2004

I see cooler shit than this crap each hour of my life. .......why don't you put some real shit like streched butt holes and bums eating food out of trash cans... fuck pictures of normal fat people and old people. big deal. you guys are lame. get some real people to write real articles and go to rehab fags. from the comments after the photos.
Boy am I glad to be inside the safety of metafilter.
posted by kenaman at 11:54 PM on July 13, 2004

I am a fool.
That comment was meant for the thread above.
I think theres a problem with my mouse.........sorry for for the content of the comment it probably only belongs in a NSFW thread. How does one get a comment removed?
posted by kenaman at 11:58 PM on July 13, 2004

Very flatland.
posted by apathy0o0 at 12:39 AM on July 14, 2004

a) LOL kenaman
b) If someone gets fired over that their boss has a tight butt hole indeed. Perhaps the user making that comment would like to inspect it.
posted by shepd at 3:32 AM on July 14, 2004

posted by dalryaug at 5:06 AM on July 14, 2004

I'm ashamed to say that the line "I don't know - it's as though that boy's orientation changes every time he walks around this house." made me guffaw. Yes, I'm a Great Big GeekTM.
posted by Johnny Assay at 6:29 AM on July 14, 2004

Um, hello? "And He Built a Crooked House," anyone?
posted by soyjoy at 7:38 AM on July 14, 2004

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