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The Educator's Bed and Breakfast Network Lodging for US $34 per couple per night, and breakfast too! Required - a house of your own (or maybe a large apartment, I suppose) to host fellow members. Membership costs $35 per year with a one-time $10 initial registration fee. "Educators" is a broad category which includes teachers of all sorts, writers, journalists, researchers, librarians, probably DJ's....many bloggers...
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So it's like CouchSurfing but a bit fancier and fee-based? Good for the picky folks, I s'pose.
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It all depends on whether or not you want to sleep on a couch, and whether you want breakfast. Also, two people would require two couches - unless the couch was a fold out bed or they slept literally on top of each other.

You get breakfast too. Put it this way - fancy bed and breakfast joints in many areas of the US are up past $200 a night.

But if you're broke, couch surfing wins.
posted by troutfishing at 11:27 AM on July 14, 2004 makes you pony up $25 if you want to be "verified" as well. Not strictly necessary, but they definitely suggest it. The thing I like about this BnB network is that if you host people, you accumulate travel credits that can be used to stay with other people. I was sort of amazed how many people there are who use this network in Vermont. There are other free-ish groups like this for different types of people. I guess the blanket term is hospitality club for all types of different people, including those who speak Esperanto!
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Yike. The site looks like it's built from the same template as "Ad Placers Needed! Work From Home!" sites. The CouchSurfing site seems far more inviting, and simpler.

A neat idea, fee notwithstanding... and it makes me wonder why there isn't a separate "" out there. With the kind of power coders the weblog world has got, surely a slick system with credits, ICBM tags, maps, profiles, ratings and who knows what else could be built in no time.

More than a few bloggers have pulled off "blogging across the country" trips relying on networks of other bloggers and readers... it seems a natural fit.
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pzarquon - Ask Metafilter!
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