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Parkspliced. Blur's Parklife remixed/bootlegged/mashed-up a la London Booted (and while you're in the mood: Hanzo Steel).
posted by Robot Johnny (8 comments total)
Is This a Bootleg? is really good if you can ignore the drum track being slightly out of sync with the initial looped riff. (I haven't downloaded any other 'cause I didn't make the requested donation.)
posted by Tlogmer at 12:49 AM on July 15, 2004

(The out-of-sync-ness is a conceptual error, not a technical one -- the two are lined up. The drum track just has the delays and offsets typcal of hip-hop, and the gituar line doesn't.)
posted by Tlogmer at 12:50 AM on July 15, 2004


after listening to "end of a century" i can't help but hate this. i'm a big blur fan, and this remix just seems really, really crappy. it just violates everything i know about blur.
posted by bob sarabia at 1:43 AM on July 15, 2004

I thought that "London Booted" absolutely sucked. As in, "irritating shit that I wouldn't play to incarcerated child killers". The Clash is my favorite band, so I thought that I would really, really enjoy it.

Well, I am absolutely neutral when it comes to Blur. I heard "Parklife" a few times and thought that it was merely decent. Having heard all of cd 1 of "Parkspliced," I can say that it is about as bad as "London Booted." Don't bother.
posted by Mayor Curley at 4:31 AM on July 15, 2004

well, i'm not one to judge on the first spin, 'specially remixed stuff. i have an album or two that i picked up on the cheap, and initially didn't like much - but after a couple times through they went on my heavy rotation list. same type of stuff, 'cept one set of djs remixing a lot of things rather than several djs remixing the same album.

i figure a blank cd is cheap, and hard disk space is easily reclaimed if i end up not liking it. thanks robot johnny, and for the london booted as well - somehow missed that the first time 'round.
posted by caution live frogs at 5:21 AM on July 15, 2004

Blimey, i like blur and i loved parklife so actually i think its quite good. No suprises if you dont like blur or remixed albums that you dont like it mR. cURLEY? Thatsa given.
Goodhead and Godlife are excellent ...
Violates everthing you know about blur? I bet Damon would love it for one, Gorillaz?
posted by PaddyJames at 6:26 AM on July 15, 2004

Thanks Robot Johnny! I really like a lot of these. (reminds me a lot of DJ Z-trip) Like Paddy, I really love(d) Parklife so these are fun to hear. (Hey paddy, have you heard Graham Coxon's new solo record. You might like it.)
posted by shoepal at 8:00 AM on July 15, 2004

on first listen to the first few songs, this is better than London Booted, which i thought was darn awful.
posted by mrgrimm at 11:05 AM on July 15, 2004

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